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Uniform Dress Policy

Alamosa students are to be in uniform every day including field trips and fall picture day. 



  • Collared shirts with buttons, long or short sleeve, polo shirts in any solid color (Alamosa logo is allowed)
  • Sweatshirts worn over approved uniform shirt.  (see other guidelines)
  • Turtlenecks worn under approved uniform shirt.

Not Approved:

  • Zippers, sleeveless, sheer material, tank tops or midriffs, camouflage, flannel, logos, stripes or designs, oversized shirts, jerseys



  • Solid colors: khaki/tan, black, and navy
  • Cotton, corduroy, knit cotton, Capri
  • Shorts, skirts, skorts must be fingertip length

Girls (Uniform Bottoms)

1. Girls may wear solid color denim jeans, khaki/tan, navy or black pants, or mid-calf pants as long as they are not ripped, torn, frayed, fringed, glittered, etc. and not too tight fitting or too loose. Shorts, jeans or pants with envelope pockets, draw- string cargo, or that are pre-wrinkled are not allowed at any time. Note: Leggings, jeggings (skinny jeans), tights, or spandex are not to be worn as uniform bottoms but can be worn under skirts/skorts. Note: Jeggings/skinny jeans are not to be worn at any time.

Boys (Uniform Bottoms)

1. Boys may wear solid color denim jeans, khaki/tan, navy or black pants, as long as they fit appropriately and are not ripped, torn, frayed, fringed, glittered, etc. Draw-string cargo, pre-wrinkled, skinny jeans or envelope pocket pants are not allowed at any time.


Not Approved:

  • Baggy pants, low-rise pants, cargo pants, sweat pants


  • Hair must be clean and neatly styled
  • Hair must be naturally colored
  • Hair must be styled in a manner that does not distract from the educational process ie, no tall Mohawks or spikes


  • Solid color: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Grey
  • Worn ONLY outside of buildings
  • Will NOT have any logos or insignias

Additional guidelines to follow:

  • No clothing or accessories which promote profanity, bigotry, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or that which is highly disruptive or immodest.  This includes gang paraphernalia.
  • Hair must be a natural color and styled in a manner that does not disrupt instruction.
  • No inappropriate face or body painting or temporary tattoos are allowed
  • No hair nets, bandannas, or sunglasses
  • No torn or frayed clothing
  • No spiked jewelry, chains, nose rings or facial piercings
  • No fake fingernails
  • Shoes should be “playground safe” – no flip flops, clogs, etc.